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Successful businesses require a broad set of skills.  "C" level employees know where the company should be headed but often lack the time and/or skills to ensure that all employees in the company are engaged in their work and working toward common corporate goals.  There is often a frustration by the leaders in charge that the rest of the company isn't always on the same page.  Organizational Business Management (OBM) is a subset of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) focused on the application of ABA to the business setting.  ABA is a rigorous, researched based, hard science focused on human behavior.  It is not based upon latest fads, feel good books, or non-researched based ideas and assumptions.  OBM, sometimes called Performance Management (PM), takes these researched based principles and applies them to the business setting.


How is Mountain Light Corporate Services different from other OBM providers?

Rather than take behavioral scientists or psychologists who have very little real-life corporate experience and have them work with your company, we provide individuals who have lived and breathed the corporate world for decades, have been successful business individuals and entrepreneurs themselves, and have gone back to graduate studies to become effective practitioners of ABA and OBM for organizational change and performance enhancement.  We understand real life in the business environment. We have learned the necessary knowledge and skills to make a real difference in your company by improving its performance, increasing employee motivation and engagement, and aligning everyone's efforts to your common corporate goals. 


Corporate Planning and Management


Whether your company requires short-term or long-term measures, our expert advice will help you navigate safely into your successful corporate future.  Additionally, we can follow-through and help your organization achieve those goals.

Technology Innovation and Commercialization


Our knowledge across a wide range of technological innovation helps accelerate innovation programs and point the way to strategic technological breakthroughs.

Intellectual Property Development and Management


Years of technology development experience help us identify potential intellectual property (patents, trademarks, trade secrets, etc.) to create valuable corporate assets for the future that are often missed in day-to-day operations.

Independent Board Member


Select principals have sat on the Board of Directors of corporations and 'not for profits'.  Independent Board Members have passed the UCLA Anderson School of Management "Director Education and Certification Program" and are Certified Directors by the NASDAQ OMX. 

Finance and Accounting


From business audits to developing strategies, we can combine auditing and consulting expertise. 

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